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People & Organisation

P&O outsourcing to grow your People and your Organisation together

To achieve your business plan and goals, People are crucial. Are you short of time, knowledge or People to grow and keep your human resources on track? Are you considering hiring an HR expert? Our P&O outsourcing experts offer a scalable and cost-efficient solution in a highly flexible way: we manage and conduct all your HR tasks from A to Z, whether they are administrative, operational or strategic.

Outsight-In's P&O experts have unique competence in setting up, optimising and monitoring your human resources policy. We put forward the appropriate expertise to support you in all personnel matters. We offer the right, high-quality human resources support at the right time.

Deciding today what your business and its HR management will look like tomorrow is no easy task. That is why Outsight-In engages, supports and grows with you.

Why choose P&O outsourcing by Outsight-In?


Outsight-In support is cost efficient and scalable to suit your changing needs. You don't need to incur the fixed cost of hiring a full-time employee if you only need 0.25 of an FTE.

Top Quality

For a growing company, it is not easy to have access to the right HR expertise at the right time. Outsight-In's multidisciplinary team provides the high quality HR expertise you need at any time.

Less risk

As a small company, you cannot always give internal HR staff sufficient perspective, resulting in high turnover of HR staff. Outsight-In reduces your attrition risk through continuity and sustainability.


Outsight-in brings years of experience and seasoned HR specialists, who can take the right actions to transform your HR management and implement HR best practices in your company.


A neutral Outsight-In advisor can provide solution-oriented mediation in sensitive P&O topics

Looking for a long-term partner? Outsight-In helps you create shareholder value by aligning People and Organisations.


Some of the strategic, operational and administrative support that Outsight-In brings:

  • Improvement of employer branding
  • Creation, distribution and monitoring of job vacancies
  • Recruitment and assessment of ¬†candidates
  • Competence management
  • Development and implementation of compensation policies
  • Payroll and Personnel administration
  • Succession management
  • Development of retention policies

Feel free to enquire about the possibilities of outsourcing your human resource management to seasoned experts.

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